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Lawn planting + edging

Whether you’re starting from scratch with lawn planting, installing sod on your landscape, or making the best of your borders with expert lawn edging, Danielson Bros has the skills and services to make your outdoor spaces thrive.
Starting with Strong Foundations

If you want your yard to be the talk of the neighborhood, it starts with proper planting. Our lawn planting services are tailored to your yard’s unique location and conditions. We carefully assess soil quality, sunlight exposure, and water drainage to find the best approach for seeding or sod installation and make sure your lawn flourishes from the start.

Seeding or Sod: The Choice is Yours

Choosing between seeding and sod installation depends on a number of things like timeline, budget, and the results you’re looking for. Our team has seen it all and can guide you to the decision that’s best for you and your yard.

Precision Lawn Edging for Polished Borders

Nothing shows careful lawn care like crisp borders. We can help you create a well-defined lawn that accentuates flower beds, pathways, and outdoor living areas. The result? A polished look that elevates your house’s curb appeal and draws the beauty out of your outdoor space.

Other Landscaping Issues? Challenge Accepted!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with miscellaneous yard projects. Need mulch and rock services? We got you covered so you can skip the wheelbarrow and the long weekend. Need an expert to plant a tree for you? We can do that too, and so much more. If you’re not sure that we do “that” kind of landscaping project, give us a call and find out!

Expertise You Can Trust

Danielson Bros combines years of experience and a passion for outdoor spaces, done right. From the first time we talk all the way to the final handshake, we prioritize honesty and superior craftsmanship. We’d love to transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor oasis.

Ready to elevate your landscape with professional lawn planting and edging?

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