Lindstrom, MN

Yard of Your Dreams

Many Minnesotans long to live on a lake. There is something in our DNA that makes us crave lakeshore. For those fortunate to have lakefront property they often find that while it is fantastic, it is also a ton of work. It can be downright overwhelming.

Many lakeshores aren’t very useable. Which can be really frustrating. Here at Danielson Brothers Landscaping we specialize in creating lakeshore that is enjoyable and sustainable.

In the case of this Forest Lake property we defined the property borders, created a sand beach, built a stone path between the dock and a custom fire pit area. This property had a water drainage culvert that was previously an eye sore, but through our landscaping it became an attractive feature.

Landscaping that is well done adds both beauty and function. For this project we created definition, which helped create a sense of privacy through plantings of taller grasses at property borders. The sand beach is an area this young family can truly enjoy with soft sand under foot and no weeds to wade through to get to the water’s edge. Hanging out near the water is a favorite activity, so we created a flagstone path connecting the dock to the fire pit. The fire pit is surrounded with boulders and crushed rock, so it is both pretty and practical. The perfect place to gather and relax.

This project created a beautiful backyard, a place to play, a space to relax, and all with the lake as the focal point. But we didn’t leave the front yard out! Along the path leading up to the front door we created a water feature to welcome guests. A waterfall is near the front door and a babbling stream flows down along the path. This brings the water to the street side of the home with visual interest and a pleasing sound.

You may not have lakeshore but your yard still has the potential to be an oasis. We love starting with a blank canvas and transforming it into a special place. Your yard really should be a special place for you and your family to relax. We have the expertise to make the most of your space, incorporate the activities you’d like to enjoy in your yard, and keep it low maintenance.

If you spend more time feeling discouraged about your yard or working on it rather than enjoying it consider having us out for a consultation. We’d love to create the yard you’re dreaming of.

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