Lindstrom, MN

Winter Shoreline Restoration

The chill in the air likely has reminded you that the cold weather is on its way. Now is the ideal time to aerate and overseed your lawn if it needs thickening up. Of course, all too soon it will be time to rake up all of the leaves.

You may think that’s all you have time for this year. There may be some projects you didn’t get around to. If you’re on a lake and your lakeshore needs some attention but you put off having it done because you didn’t want to sacrifice using it during the summer you are in luck.

It’s not too late to make shoreline improvements!

Did you know that we may be able to complete your shoreline restoration project during the winter months? In some cases, the frozen lake actual makes access to your shoreline more convenient. For some homes that don’t have access to the shoreline through the yard, winter is the only time to get this done.

As with all of our shoreline restoration projects, we first take the time to learn how you want to use your shore. Some clients want a durable, natural shoreline and we can install native plants that serve as a filter and create a lovely appearance. Other clients want to have a sand beach installed or expanded, we can create a place for recreation and sand castles too. We can also create a combination shore that includes areas of sand beach and area for erosion control.

Many customers what to add boulders to their shore, which is both attractive and effective at protecting your property. For those projects we create a 3:1 slope, install 6-12″ rip-rap (fieldstone boulders), on top of heavy shoreline fabric for a durable shoreline. We follow all DNR, city, and watershed requirements and permits.

Whatever style and function you’re looking for we can help you achieve it. Doing so over the winter months gives you the freedom to enjoy it all next season. We understand how short the summers are here in Minnesota and want you to get the most out of yours.

If you’re not getting the most out of your lakeshore consider having us out this fall to discuss ways to improve your property. If the weather gets cold enough and the lake ice is thick enough we can transform your shoreline and have it ready for the spring thaw!

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