front entry landscaping


Softscapes are great ways to soften the appearance of a home, add color, and enhance curb appeal.

We offer the following forms of softscaping:

  • Home Perimeter Plantings
  • Yard Focal Points
  • Garden Beds

Add visual interest and color!

These areas are the ideal places to add some creativity to your yard. We do this by using free-form shapes, interesting plants, and color. We are knowledgeable in selecting plants that add interest throughout the seasons.

We will install weed barriers and surround your plants with mulch or rock to enhance the appearance and keep maintenance to a minimum.

If your home is lacking visual appeal, softscaping is a good place to start. This type of landscaping is what makes your yard visually appealing!

We’d love to get together to talk about ways to introduce softscapes to your yard and create a yard you’ll love and be proud of.

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